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IT Infrastructure

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Information system

IT infrastructures are increasingly complex and interdependent.

More than ever, it is critical to ensure global oversight of your environment and end-to-end control.

Our expertise in all information system components enables us to hand this control back to you.


An IT infrastructure is not built simply by installing systems, storage, and network devices alongside each other, as they are designed and operated by separate teams.

Today its design must be homogeneous to enable its global automation.

Cloud and hybrid networks originating from virtualisation have certainly rendered infrastructures more complex, but they also bring promises of automation and fluidity.

We can organise and orchestrate the automation of your infrastructure.

To support business lines, infrastructures must not only be fluid, they must also be available and resilient.

Our whole approach from design to operation is intended to guarantee this availability.

Our expertise

Comprehensive expertise across the IT communication chain

Our strength has always been to blend a global vision of infrastructure with very high technical expertise in the technologies implemented.

This equally vertical and horizontal approach has become essential to design the automated infrastructures of the future.

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at your service


We conduct an in-depth analysis of your existing architecture to highlight potential issues and propose solutions to remedy such and optimise your architecture.


As we keep a constant watch on the state of the art, we can advise on the technical orientations to match your environment.


Our cross-functional knowledge of infrastructures allows us to design collaborative solutions for networking (LAN, WAN, Data centers, Cloud apps, Security, etc.), for systems and storage.


Our experts can integrate and deploy the solutions we recommend.


Diagnostics and troubleshooting are key components of the CNS core identity.

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