As part of a massive Move to Cloud project with a comprehensive Infrastructure as Code (IaC) strategy, a global actor in the shipping industry called on our services.


The company has embarked on a massive Move to Cloud project. It has set up an AWS cloud environment in several regions and uses Infrastructure as Cloud (IaC) with TerraForm.

As a result, the network team requires an external audit of cloud design and implementation, as well as IaC and automation processes, to ensure it is ready for Move to Cloud.


To meet our customers’ needs, we intervened on several levels:

1/ We organized workshops with the Network team and the Cloud/Infra/Tooling teams.

2/ We analyzed the AWS and GitLab/TerraForm environments and Automation-DevOps tooling.

3/ We assessed the processes and procedures already in place, as well as the skills and tools adopted within the team.


This audit enabled the teams to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their cloud network, security and automation. We provided them recommendations and determined a roadmap for our customer to move towards true devops/automated Infrastructure as Code (IaC) management.

This roadmap includes:

- The study and appropriation of automation tools implemented by the network team

- Redesign of the TerraForm code base for operation and automation

- Improving security and implementing tests on the code base

- Implementation of Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines for TerraForm deployment

- Enhancing team members' skills in automation and IaC

Next steps

Following this audit, our consultants joined the customer's network team to deploy the improvement plan. After making thirty recommendations to our customer, we are now being called upon for 6 structuring projects resulting from this audit. We are proud of this renewed trust.

The client

A global player in maritime transport

Sector: Maritime transport

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