Upgrade of worldwide WAN backbone

To bring its network into line with constantly changing business line requirements, a large French company in the luxury sector wanted to overhaul its worldwide interconnection WAN backbone.


The RFP (request for proposals) was structured around three guidelines:

Increase the bandwidth capacity of global WAN access points to enable higher data flows to and from cloud platforms.

Add a new security layer to enable segmentation between regions.

Change operators to improve service and the network architecture.


CNS got involved towards the end of the RFP concerning all aspects of the project:

Technical assessment of bidder responses
Preparation of purchase orders for WAN links and cloud interconnections
Definition of target infrastructure for interconnections with the new WAN backbone
Pre-validation of architecture in a virtual environment
Support for regional teams in preparing new backbone interconnections

Integration and configuration of the new security layer
Support in project organisation and operations scheduling
Drafting of migration plans and technical tests
Execution of migrations
Configuration of interconnections to cloud environments
Production of HLD/LLD documentation and transfer to operational teams

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    Networks manager
    Networks manager


  • Regional data centres and cloud interconnections were successfully migrated, multiplying bandwidth tenfold, improving the security and global performance of the central WAN infrastructure.
  • CNS migrated all of these platforms within an optimised schedule, generating minimum impact for business line services.

The client

Large French company in luxury sector

Sector: Luxury

Area: Worlwide

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    regions / data centres

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    cloud interconnections
    (four existing and two new)

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